Hopi Ear Candle

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Hopi Ear Candle

Hopi ear candles  30 minutes           £30

Course of 3 treatments 30 minutes  £80

The benefits of Hopi ear candles include...

  • Ear or sinus problems including Sinusitis.
  • Irritations in the nose – Rhinitis.
  • Soothing effects for over irritability and stress related symptoms.
  • Noises and ringing in the ears – Tinnitus
  • Build up of earwax.
  • Revitalisation for certain hearing impairments.
  • Pressure regulation for conditions such as:  headaches, migraines, sinusitis and Rhinitis.
  • Circulatory problems in the ear.
  • Local stimulation to lymph flow and local metabolism.
  • Stimulation of energy circulation.
  • The only contra-indications listed for this treatment include perforated eardrums, where grommets have been inserted or allergies to any of the ingredients in the ear candles.

The treatment of Hopi Ear Candles lasts approximately one hour. It involves positioning a candle in one of the ears and allowing it to burn to a measured level before gently removing it and extinguishing it in water.

The ear is then massaged to stimulate the pressure points on the ear, lymph nodes around the ear and the general blood flow through the ear. The second ear is then worked on in the same way before the entire face is worked on with a pressure point and drainage massage to stimulate the general release of blockages in the sinuses and ears and the flow of lymph and blood.

How many treatments will you need?

For a problem with sudden onset such as a cold or blocked nose it is safe to have up to two treatments for the first two days and then 3 or 4 over the next 10 days

There are some conditions where treatment would not be appropriate:

Infection of the ear

Inflammation of the ear

Surgery on the ear within last 3 months

Perforation of the ear drum

Lack of ear drum

Grommets, drains or ventilation tubes in ear

Auricular cysts

Known candle wax allergy                         

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