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Body Treatments to Minimise & Maximise Dermalift advance body treatments provide: Inch loss, body lifting, figure shaping, lymphatic drainage or treating troubled cellulite areas. This can be immediately followed up with the unique body enhancing treatment. This particular section has pre-selective programmes to suit your own personal needs, tightening, firming, lifting, circulation and massage, enabling your therapist to maximise the results of your unique Dermalift body treatment, whilst minimising those tell tale signs of ageing.

Dermalift – Faradic


This treatment is the result of much research and development into the Health, Fitness and Beauty Therapy market by Silhouette Dermalift, the UK’s leading designer and manufacture of beauty therapy equipment.

This system will successfully treat all aspects and conditions relating to overweight, unfit and out of shape bodies. The Faradic, programmes direct comfortable, Mono –Phasic pulses of varying frequencies to the area of the body that requires treatment.

The programme microprocessor (computer) will then take over; taking the body through a series of successful isometric exercises that will automatically stimulate the Muscle Groups and Lymph Points, whilst increasing the blood circulation, resulting in a measureable inch loss. (Often after a 20 minute treatment). Additionally there will be weight loss through the diapering of surplus fluid retention and additionally helping to remove bodies’ waste toxins. achieve the equivalent of carrying out 350 sit ups or buttock raises in just one 20 minute session. in many cases resulting in measurable inch loss after just one treatment

With Dermalift you will be looking even better and our treatments will...


Slimming & inch-loss                       Lymphatic Drainage                        Body Lifting

Body Toning & Shaping                     Cellulite Reduction                       Skin Enhancement

Improved Circulation

All Zones Treatments

60 minute £45


A Total Body Workout - This programme will firm and tone all the muscles in the treatment area. This will suit all body sizes, either to maintain muscle tone and body definition for requiring body profiling to gain muscle tone and achieve inch loss.

Thigh & Buttock

60 minute £45


To work specifically on a problem area, this programme will effectively shape, firm and trim the thighs and buttocks. Working intensively to improve the muscle groups in the area and the overall appearance. The contractions are deep, fast and effective on this troublesome area.

Fast Slim

45 minute £35


Complete Body inch loss, this is a deep and fast pattern, fully exercising the muscle groups to give fast and effective inch loss results whilst also firming and toning. Designed specifically for those who have minimum time but require maximum inch loss and toning.


The Workout

60 minute £45


A total body workout, strong exercise and tone. This is a vigorous programme, working intensively on the muscles, also designed to tone the larger muscle groups ie Back, Arms and Legs.

Lylph Treatments

60 minute £45


This is an ALL ZONES, a total body workout complete with lymphatic drainage, again, an ideal treatment for any body size, especially those suffering from surplus water /fluid retention. A specialist programme which works by lightly and slowly pumping the muscles, to stimulate Lymph flow and therefore encourage the removal of toxins and waste products. 



30 minute £25


Tone and flatten the stomach, This can be a problem area for many people, the profile works the abdominal area with deep, fast contractions to product maximum results.


Bust Treatments

60 minutes £45


Lift and tone the bust area restoring firmness and muscle definition, this programme produces a combination of varying contractions, stimulating the pectoral muscles which support the breast.


The  Body Shape & Tone

60 minute £45


is a superficial muscle workout, shaping and toning the overall appearance of the body or the area treated. The programme produces slow light contraction, also very beneficial for easing tense, sometimes painful muscles or as a post natal treatment.

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