Golden Moringa Oil 

24k Pure gold leaf face masks

PPC Slimming & Cellulite Cream

About Moringa oil

The oil is highly moisturizing with anti-inflammatory components to soothe irritated skin. Suitable for all skin types that need deep nourishment and care

100% cold-pressed natural and organic oil extracted from Moringa seeds grown organically at local farms in various parts of Thailand


Contains 46 antioxidants each with its unique healing property that can maintain the freshness of natural cells


Contains Oleic Acid to reduce redness, Vitamin A build up collagen, Vitamin E to increase skin’s collagen at a deep level.

How to use Moringa Oil?

Use Moringa oil on your face, body, hands, hair.

Apply 1-3 drops of Moringa oil to the face or affected skin area twice daily after cleansing it.

If you have problematic skin, another benefit of Moringa oil is its ability to regenerate skin thus helping in healing acne and irritated skin. Use the oil where it is needed.

Since it also works as an antibacterial and an antiseptic, you can apply moringa oil to damaged skin, hair such as insect bites, cuts or redness of the skin.

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24k pure gold leaf face masks

100 sheets Gold Leaf Leaves 24K Carat PURE 99.9% for SPA Facial Mask Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle 

The powerful anti-ageing benefits, the 24k Gold Facial helps firm, lift, brighten and calm the appearance of skin. This lavish and luxurious treatment helps to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin looking silky, smooth, firmer, radiant, revitalised and youthful. 

About this item

Gold Leaf Sheets for homemade SPA Quality Facial Mask Benefits:

Fast fast rejuvenation of skin with moisturizing & anti-inflammatory effects

For damaged, dry skin; Gold will dehydrating skin and makes it smoother and firmer

Anti-wrinkle formula stimulates cellular regeneration and promotes pH balance in skin

Each sheet 40 mm x 40mm

Facial Mask Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle

PPC is an advanced solution (derived from soybean) for the reduction of cellulite of cellulite and excessive fat. The micronised active ingredient is penetrated into the skin and acts in the subcutaneous fat.

It generates heat under the skin layer, increasing local metabolism. It also increases excretion (sweating) and blood flow.

The consecutive actions help to regulate the fat cells in the subcutaneous layer. When combined with professional treatment and following a healthy lifestyle, results can be expected in 2-3 weeks