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Spiritual Healing



A hand on healing is probably the oldest form of healing in history. It’s the most natural act to put a hand over a place which is hurting. The word spiritual is referring to the universal life force/energy, which the healer attunes to and chanels to the client. This energy operates on all levels to restore balance to the whole say.No prior religious belief is needed for the effectiveness of the act. Before healing takes place a few notes may be down e.g. medical history. Also the healing act will be explained. A full healer member of the healing trust will have undergone at least 2 years training and development. He or she will work to a strict code of conduct and is fully insured.


Healing Simple Natural Effective

Healing is a non-invasive, deeply relaxing, natural holistic therapy. Some of its reported benefits are stress reduction, a more positive attitude, and a general sense of improved well-being. Healing is a natural process of energy transfer through the healer to the recipient. There are no side effects and it’s complementary to any other therapy. It promotes self-healing by relaxing the body, releasing tensions, and strengthening the immune system in the most effective and appropriate way.


A full healing session and shorter session where the chakras are balanced lasts approximately.

Full session 60 Minutes £40

Balanced Chakras 30 Minutes £23